Our newest game, Escape & Avenge, is coming to the App Store soon! Escape & Avenge, the fourth title from HangZone, offers a twist on the classic text adventure genre. Are you a fan of Zork? Well, you better believe there’s a suspicious looking rug in the middle of the dungeon. Do you hate Zork? You’ll be delighted to see that we have a visual map that allows you to warp to any room you’ve already visited.

We’ve also retooled the basic mechanics of text-based adventures to optimize the experience for mobile. Rather than tediously typing out every command on a device that is challenging for typing, Escape & Avenge does the hard work for you. You build your sentences through a series of taps that streamline the process and make the game very accessible for mobile users regardless of your words per minute. Don’t fear, commands aren’t just given away, but the user is able to dive deeper into the story and worry less about the sluggishness of text-based communication.

Now, who am I and how did I get here?

You’re trapped in the dungeon of a medieval town. The king imprisoned you and killed the wizard—your magical friend and accomplice—for trying to overthrow the crown. At least that’s what the note on the wall says. You can’t remember anything, including who you are or how you got here. Can you escape the dungeon, return to the castle, and avenge your friend’s death?

Escape and Avenge is an unconventional text-based adventure that reimagines the genre for mobile. With a couple quick taps, you can chain together any command you want—the perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and range of actions! Throw in some minimalist visual mini games and puzzles and you’ve got a new spin on interactive fiction!

There are no ads or IAP—just a poor soul trapped in a dungeon who is looking for help.