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Fizzy Factory is the second title from HangZone, and indisputably one of the trickiest, most engaging puzzle games available. We’ve taken the simple elegance of mixing colors to handcraft hundreds of mind bending puzzles set in a bubbly soda factory. It starts out simple, but quickly gets very challenging.

Then we thought, “Let’s make things even more challenging!” That’s when we dreamed up the Fizzy Factory Puzzle Challenge. Fizzy Factory is just the hub of a huge riddle, complete with tons of secret codes to crack in tandem with the Fizzy Factory game itself. We did it. We’ve got prizes, so make sure to check it out to see if you can solve puzzles with the best of them!

Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s our trailer and description from the App Store.

Step into the soda factory to play the most addictive puzzle game on the market.

You are faced with the tasty task of transporting soda from our naturally flowing soda geysers to color-coded soda bottles.  The gameplay is simple. Just drag your finger to move soda around the board. Red soda goes in the red bottle. Easy enough, right?

Sure. At least until you have to mix the blue and yellow soda to fill the green bottle.

This factory is outfitted with the latest in soda making technology. Slide that blue soda through the red Color Station, and we’ve got purple soda for everybody! We can even run that orange soda through a Splitter for more red and yellow soda!

We’ll teach you the basics with some simple levels. Brush up on your color mixing facts, learn the intricacies of Splitters, and you’ll be an old soda pro in no time! But rest assured, we’ve got challenges for even the most seasoned soda veterans.

*** Fizzy Factory Features***

  • 384 Challenging Levels!
  • Intuitive, smooth touch controls
  • Multiple board sizes to ratchet up the difficulty
  • Tutorials to help ease you into gameplay
  • Hints available to help get you through some of the more dastardly levels
  • Awesome music and sound effects
  • Game Center leaderboard and achievements that allow you to compete against friends and strangers for mixing supremacy
  • Charming colorful graphics and animations—especially beautiful on the iPad
  • Real soda factory feel
  • Fun messages at the end of every level

Fizzy Factory takes color-dragging puzzles to a new level. It’s free, so you’ve probably started downloading it by now. Good luck!

Still thinking about all the fame and glory that will come if you complete the Fizzy Factory Secret Password Challenge? Here are all the winners so far.