Pico Time Banner

Pico Time is our first iPhone game, so naturally we believe it to be among the finest games on the market. You can also rest assured that we kicked off our iPhone careers with one of our best game ideas, so you shouldn’t be disappointed. We always felt that the iPhone was the perfect platform for a WarioWare style game. If you’re not familiar with this Nintendo franchise, it bombards the user with quick mini games, one after another. Since the iPhone has a wide array of inputs (taps, tilts, and drags), we created a huge variety of mini games and wrapped them up in a touching story about a tiger named Pico getting caught in the Bermuda Triangle. All 50 of our mini games feature over 10 difficulty settings for loads of replay value.

Here’s Pico Time’s description from the App Store:

Our beloved hero, Pico, is caught in the clutches of the Bermuda Triangle. Can he survive a series of zany mini games to reunite with his girlfriend Tera, avenge his father, and triumph over the Triangle?

Pico Time brings fast-paced, WarioWare-style randomness to the iPhone as never seen before. Save the North Pole from attacking penguins, navigate a bear on water skis around treacherous obstacles, and solve mind bending logic games, all intertwined in Pico’s emotional journey home. They should have sent a poet.

Pico Time’s Story Mode features 50 mini games, culminating in a battle against the Triangle himself—yes, he’s an actual person, and as dastardly as they come. Arcade Mode allows you to play a never-ending stream of random levels with increasing difficulty, as you slug your way to the top of the Game Center high score list. Single Level Mode offers the same endless fun on your favorite individual games.