What should I do if Spelldom is frozen or won’t load properly?

Try restarting the app. To do so, double tap the home button on your iOS device. Swipe the preview pane for Spelldom upward. This will close it in the background. Tap the home button again, then tap the Spelldom icon to relaunch the game.

Can I play Spelldom on multiple devices or transfer my progress to a new device?

Yes! The easiest way to do this is to have your town linked to your Game Center account. This will happen automatically if you’re logged in to Game Center while you’re playing Spelldom. When you open up Spelldom on another device that is logged in to the same Game Center account, you will be asked if you want to load your town.

You can also link your town across multiple devices using Facebook. Go to Settings, and log in to Facebook on the device with the town you want to keep. On the second device, log in to Facebook, and you will be prompted with an option to load the town from your other device.

If you don’t use Game Center or Facebook, you can also link your devices manually. On the device with the town you want to keep, go to Settings, and tap “Link Devices.” Next, tap “This Device” to get a device code. On your other device, go to Settings, and tap “Link Devices.” This time, choose “Other Device.” Enter the Username from your other device, as well as the device code you just received.

 I can’t download Spelldom.

Your device must be running iOS 8 to play Spelldom. If in doubt, update your device to the latest operating system. It’s also possible that you’ve run out of space on your device. You need about 100mb of available space to download Spelldom. You can delete old apps, music, or photos to make room. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection to complete the download.

Why can’t I buy gems?

You might have in-app purchases restricted on your account. Go to Settings, then tap General, followed by Restrictions. Make sure that In-App Purchases are not set to restricted. After changing this option, make sure to restart Spelldom. To do so, double tap the home button on your iOS device. Swipe the preview pane for Spelldom upward, then tap the home button again. Tap the Spelldom icon to relaunch the game.

I didn’t receive the Gems I purchased. What should I do?

We’re sorry something went wrong with your purchase. It’s most likely related to servers running slower than usual, or a lost Internet connection during your purchase. Try waiting a minute or two after your purchase and see if your Gems show up. If not, make sure you have a good Internet connection, then try restarting the game on the device in which you made the purchase. To do so, double tap the home-button on your iOS device, swipe the preview pane for Spelldom upward, and finally tap the home button again. Tap the Spelldom icon to reopen the game. This should credit you with Gems that you purchased. If not, it’s possible that you lost your Internet connection before the purchase went through, and you were not charged.

Please contract us if this problem remains unresolved, so we can straighten things out.

Is it possible to restart my game from the beginning?

It is not possible to restart your game.

Is it possible to have multiple accounts on a single device?

No, you can only have on town per device.

Can I change the text size?

No. To pack all of the information into the screen, Spelldom can only support one text size.

Can I change my name or my team name?

Both individual and team names are permanent.

I got a message that the server is down for maintenance. When can I play again?

We may have server disruptions when we’re rolling out new updates or fixing bugs. We’ll do our best to get the game back up as soon as possible. Please check Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Can I recover my town if I lose my device?

If your town was linked to GameCenter, simply open Spelldom on a new device, and you’ll get a message asking if you’d like to load your old town.

If your town was linked to Facebook, open Spelldom on the new device and login to Facebook. This will give you an option to load your old town.

If you weren’t linked to GameCenter or Facebook, it might not be possible to recover your old town. Send us a message at, and we’ll do our best to help.

How do I play my own music while playing Spelldom?

First, make sure that Spelldom isn’t running in the background on your device. You can check this by double tapping the home button and panning through the preview panes. If you see Spelldom, swipe up to close it, and tap the home button again. Next, tap the Music app on your device to open your iTunes library and pick a song or playlist. Once the music starts, tap the home button and open Spelldom. Your music should continue playing as you crush your opponents.

I saw an inappropriate name. Where can I report it?

Please let us know at We do our best to filter profanity in usernames, team names, and team taglines, but some people like to do their best to slip things through. Team chat is private so we don’t use the same language restrictions. We encourage you to find a team whose chat subject matter is to your liking. If you’re the team captain and you don’t like the language people are using, you can always kick them off—or at least ask them nicely to clean it up.

What if I need help or want to report an error?

Send us a message at We’re happy to help out.

Town Management

How do the different defenses work?

Bomb: When your opponent spells a valid word on a Bomb, the tiles from her move will blow up and not return to her rack. The Bomb will also disappear. Bombs are unique, since they are the only defense that must be replenished in the Market after being destroyed in battle. They are also the only defense that can be placed directly next to other defenses.

Point Medallion: If your opponent’s play covers a Point Medallion, the total point value of his play must equal at least the number on the Point Medallion. Otherwise, the tiles will return to his rack, and the Point Medallion will remain intact. High level Point Medallions take up multiple spaces and require higher value plays.

Length Flag: If your opponent’s play covers a Length Flag, at least one of the words formed during his play must contain at least as many letters as the number on the Length Flag. Otherwise, the tiles will return to her rack, and the Length Flag will remain standing. High level Length Flags take up multiple squares and require longer words.

Blizzard: When your opponent makes a valid play on a Blizzard, his rack will freeze, temporarily preventing him from making more moves. High level Blizzards take up multiple spaces and will freeze tiles for longer. If your opponent’s tiles are on fire from a Fire Cauldron, playing a move on a Blizzard will allow him to extinguish the fire.

Fire Cauldron: When your opponent makes a valid move on a Fire Cauldron, her tiles on the board will catch on fire. She will have a limited amount of time before the fire destroys all of her tiles on the board, forcing her to start over at the Portal. If your opponent plays four moves before the tiles burn up, the fire will stop. It’s also possible to stop fire by playing a move on a Blizzard while on fire. Playing on additional Fire Cauldrons while on fire will increase the number of plays required to extinguish the fire by four. High level Fire Cauldrons take up multiple squares and have shorter burn times.

Letter Stone: Tiles played adjacent to Letter Stones must form real words, just as if the Letter Stone was a tile played on the board. Otherwise, tiles will be returned to your opponent’s rack, and the Letter Stone will remain. High level Letter Stones can be set to more challenging letters.

Tile Lock: If your opponent spells a valid word on a Tile Lock, he can only have six tiles in his rack for a limited time, instead of the usual seven. If your opponent hits another Tile Lock while he is still limited to six tiles, he will have to wait even longer before getting access to seven tiles again. High level Tile Locks cover more spaces and limit players to six tiles for longer periods of time.

Bomb Plant: When your opponent plays a valid word on a Bomb Plant, her move will explode as if she had hit a Bomb. Unlike regular Bombs, however, Bomb Plants will start to regenerate. If the Bomb Plant finishes growing back before your opponent plays another word on it, the Bomb Plant will be armed and ready to explode again. The only way for your opponent to disable the Bomb Plant is to play a word on it while it is regrowing. High level Bomb Plant take up more spaces and have quicker regeneration times.

How do I get on a team?

To join or create a team, you must first complete the “Next Steps” after finishing the tutorial. If you tap the “Next Steps” button at the top of your town, you can view our recommended next tasks to complete. When you complete one, make sure to check the list again to collect some free gems and get a new goal! After you finish all of the “Next Steps,” you will be offered the chance to join a team. You will also have the option at this point to create a team yourself. After joining a team, the “Next Steps” button will be replaced with a new button to access your team. If you have already joined a team and left it, this button will be replaced with a “Join Team” button, which allows you to find a new team to join.

How can I recruit more teammates?

It’s definitely worth finding more teammates, since you can give each other free gem gifts everyday and have a better chance in the weekly team tournaments. From Settings, you can press the “Invite Friends” button to invite your Facebook friends to join the fray. If you are the Captain or a Partner on your team, you can send invites to other players within Spelldom. Go to Rankings and select the Friends tab to view your Facebook friends who are already playing. You can send them invites to your team by pressing the “Invite” button next to their names. This button is only available if they’re not on a team. You can also invite players you see within the other ranking tabs.

How do I upgrade buildings?

You can upgrade any building in your town, with the exception of bombs. Tap the building, then press the upgrade button with the orange arrow at the bottom of your town. This will bring up a message detailing the upgrade benefits. If you’re upgrading your Castle you need to have a high enough experience level. If you’re upgrading other buildings, you need to have a high enough Castle level. If you have enough gold, you can tap the upgrade button to send the building to your Workshop. When the upgrade is complete, you can drag the building out of your Workshop back into your town.

What’s up with mergers?

Mergers are a special case upgrade in which you combine two one-square defenses into a two-square defense or combine two two-square defenses into a three-square defense. You’ll know this action is available when the upgrade message shows that the next upgrade is a merger. If you have both defenses required for the merger, start the upgrade like you normally would. If you have enough gold, tap the upgrade confirmation button. You’ll then be instructed to tap the defense in your town that’s needed to complete the merger. The defenses will move to your Workshop for the upgrade.

How do I upgrade the Tile Bag?

In addition to buildings, you can also upgrade your Tile Bag. Tap on your Castle, and then tap on the Tile Bag button at the bottom of your town. This will bring up a message showing the value of your tiles, and offering you the chance to upgrade. Each subsequent Tile Bag upgrade will permanently increase the value of one of your letters. Tile Bag upgrades are offered in a specific order, with multiple upgrades available for certain letters.

How do Shields work?

You get at least a 2 hour Shield whenever an opponent attacks you. The shield will last 2, 4, or 6 hours if your opponent scores 1, 2, or 3 stars, respectively. Shields prevent other players from attacking your town. Your Shield will immediately run out if you attack another player. You can attack the Dark Elves and play the Daily Game without losing your Shield, though. Longer Shields are also available for purchase in the Market.


How do I start an attack?

  1. Construct some tiles. You can tap your Castle, then tap the tile button at the bottom of the screen. We recommend filling up your entire Tile Bag, so you don’t run out during battle.
  2. Tap the attack button.
  3. You can choose between Single Player, Multiplayer, or the Daily Game Suite. If you choose Single Player, you can continue your campaign against the Dark Elves. You can play the level one above the high level you’ve beaten, as well as any levels you’ve already crushed. On multiplayer, we’ll find a similarly ranked opponent for you to attack. If you don’t like what you see, tap the skip button and check out a different town to attack. Multiplayer attacks cost gold for each town that you view, so keep that in mind. There are two daily game options, each of which you can play once per day. The Daily Champ allows you to compete in a different game type each day of the week against players from around the world. The highest scorers win a bunch of gems! The Daily Gem Grab has no defenses–just a handful of gems scattered around town for the taking. The more days you play the Daily Gem Grab, the more gems you’ll have a chance to grab! Neither daily game depletes your own tiles, so make sure to play them!

Ok, the attack is underway. What do I do?

Your primary objective is to take the opponent’s Castle. Most towns have an objective that must be completed before you can destroy the Castle. You can read it on the billboard. Completing the objective will remove the forcefield from around the Castle.

Your first move must be on your opponent’s Portal, since that’s the entrance to his town. Each move consists of placing one or more tiles in a single row or column to spell one or more words. Each new play must connect to one of your previous plays. Tap the submit button when you’re done with your word. Navigate across the board and play a word on top of the Castle to win the attack.

If you win the attack, you can get one, two, or three stars. Simply destroying the Castle earns one star. You can win a second star for destroying all of your opponent’s Gold Wheels. Those all have gold in them, so that’s some additional incentive to take them. The other star is for scoring at least as many points as your opponent’s point goal. The higher your opponent’s Castle is, the higher his point goal will be.

That’s basic idea behind an attack, but there are some helpful techniques to keep in mind. If you don’t like the tiles in your rack, try using a discard. You can choose which tiles in your rack to replace, provided you have more tiles in your Tile Bag. You’re able to do this twice per match—or more if you’ve upgraded your capabilities in the Market!

If you have a level 3 Portal, you can also use spells in battle. More on that later.

I see a button during attacks for Spells. How do I get and use those?

Spells are first available once you’ve upgraded your Portal to level 3, with more spells becoming available at higher Portal levels. To conjure them, tap your Portal, then press the spell button at the bottom of your town. You can choose which spells you’d like to create.

The x2 Multiplier Spell: All of your moves will be worth double points for a limited time. This is an excellent spell for crushing Point Medallion’s and Master’s Flags. It’s also handy for racking up some monster scores, and nabbing some of those difficult achievements.

The Safety Cloud Spell: Cast a safety cloud over any square on the board that has an enemy defense. You can now play over this square as if there is no defense there. If the defense occupies multiple squares, the other exposed squares are still valid defenses.

The Blank Tile Spell: Change any tile in your rack to a blank tile. Blank tiles are fantastic for trying to spell long words over Length Flags and Master’s Flags. They also can help with some tough achievements or trying to get that last play down on top of the Castle.

How does matchmaking work?

We’ll try to match you with someone with a similar level of Scrolls. Experience points, Castle level, and other factors are not taken into account.

Do I keep my tiles at the end of an attack?

Any unseen tiles in your Tile Bag remain in your Tile Bag for future attacks. Tiles that are played or that are visible on your rack are depleted in battle.

How do the weekly tournaments work?

There are 2 weekly tournaments. The Standard Tournament ranks teams based on their total Scrolls. The Blue Scroll Tournament ranks teams according to their total Blue Scrolls. At the end of each tournament, the top 3 teams win a hefty sum of gems to split between their teammates. Since Blue Scrolls reset each week, the Blue Scroll Tournament is always up for grabs, while the Standard Tournament will go to the strongest team in the land.

What are Scrolls, and how do they work?

Scrolls are the basis of Spelldom’s ranking system. When you attack other players, you can steal their Scrolls. Conversely, other players can steal your Scrolls when they attack you. You don’t win Scrolls for successful defenses or lose them for failed attacks.

You can steal lots of Scrolls from players who have more Scrolls than you, while you can only steal a few Scrolls from players that have fewer Scrolls. The more stars you earn in your attack, the more Scrolls you win.

What about Blue Scrolls?

You can earn Blue Scrolls if you’re on a team. You win them in attacks, just as you would standard Scrolls. The number of Blue Scrolls available is solely based on your opponent’s castle level. Your Blue Scroll holdings are reset every week at the end of the Blue Scroll Tournament.

Can I leave an attack and come back later to deal the final blow?

You can receive a phone call or text message during an attack, but the timer keeps running, so make sure to hurry back before the player’s Portal closes.


Spelldom was designed and developed by the Super HangZone Bros., Tyler and Judson Bandy.

Esther Nho and Nathan Puckett created the major art assets.

Sean Beeson composed all of the Spelldom music.

Cole Jenkins created the nature ambience sound track.

Spelldom uses several sound effects from, with various degrees of editing applied by Judson and Tyler Bandy:

Evil Laugh 11, Evil Laugh 14, and Evil Laugh 16 by Nanakisan
Chime Glissando by bone666138
Coins – 19 and Coins – 21 by D W
Ding30603-spedup by theta4
JacobsLadderSingle1 by Halleck
Sawing 2×4 by CGEffex
QUICK_SMASH_001 by JoelAudio
stone_on_stone_impact1 and stone_on_stone_impact10 by thanvannispen