To be honest, Fizzy Factory is a great puzzle game on its own. We, here at HangZone, find it to be a great challenge, and a true test of one’s mental processing and puzzle solving skills. Nevertheless, after the hours upon hours it takes to finish beating the game, we still yearned for a greater challenge. That’s why the Fizzy Factory puzzles are only a cog in the overall meta-puzzle that is the Fizzy Factory Secret Password Challenge. This puzzle is the ultimate test of one’s mental capacity: a test of knowledge, patience, riddle solving, and sheer awesomeness. We’ve got Fizzy Factory shirts for the first 10 winners, and everybody who completes the challenge gets his name on the site! Let’s break down how the game works.

How to enter collected passwords:

On the Fizzy Factory Level Pack Select screen, seen below, bottles move across the screen on a conveyor belt, then up the left side of the screen on an elevator. The player can tap a bottle to knock it off its path and let it smash on the factory floor. Although this is fun on its own, it actually is how you enter secret codes in Fizzy Factory. Codes are entered by knocking off bottles in a specific color order. For example, if a code was Red, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, you would knock off a Red Bottle, then a Red Bottle, then a Blue Bottle, then a Green Bottle… you get the picture. If you tap an incorrect bottle, it will reset the code entry. Just ignore bottles that aren’t the next bottle color that you are trying to enter into the code.

Fizzy Factory Level Menu

Different color bottles appear on the conveyor belt after completing entire level packs in Fizzy Factory. Legend has it that you can even unlock Brown Bottles for beating Mix Master. But it’s so hard.

You can’t enter a code that requires a certain color bottle until you’ve unlocked that bottle color.

Once you enter a correct code, a message will appear with a link to a new secret area on our site, along with a secret password. You can link to all of those secret areas below, but you’ll need passwords, which you can only get from entering codes in Fizzy Factory.

We’ll start you with the first code you need to enter in Fizzy Factory.

Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Blue

Go enter it in the game. You don’t have Red Bottles yet? You know what to do! This is a wild, complicated puzzle that is definitely not for the feint of heart. Good luck!

Here are the Secret Areas if you choose to link to them from here instead of through Fizzy Factory. Again, you’ll need passwords from Fizzy Factory to access these pages.

Secret Zone 1: Shrouded Soda Secrets Section

Secret Zone 2: Covert Classified Cola Clues

Secret Zone 3: Private Pop Password Page

Secret Zone 4: Mixtastic Mixing Mystery Zone

Secret Zone 5: Deep Dark Double Secret Drink Clues

Secret Zone 6: The Fizzy Factory Vault

Secret Zone 7: The Winner’s Circle


If you complete the Challenge, your name will be immortalized here with the other winners: Fizzy Factory Secret Password Winners.

We reserve the right to cancel the Challenge at any time. Each winner must have a unique Game Center username and Apple ID. You must be age 18 or older to win a shirt. Void where prohibited. There is no element of chance–this is all about puzzle solving prowess. Good Luck!